Today I write about cooking, but same things apply for other things as well. You can change the word cooking with programming, painting etc..

There is one thing I like about cooking for myself: it doesn’t give me pressure of any kind. If I cook for others, there is always certain amount of quality I have to come up with. If I am my own audience, there is no pressure. So what if onions are not cooked enough or if I added too much spices, I don’t complain. And if this kind of pressure is removed, I can relax and do what I want. I can try different kinds of things not worrying if they fail or success.

And I believe this kind of freedom is what leads to good results. Sure, many times experiments can end up badly, and if feeling lazy, I don’t care to fill up the standards. Let’s say I’m hungry and tired, I just cook hastily even though I know I would get better results if I cooked five minutes more. Or if I did some preparations two hours before starting cooking. If I would cook for others, I wouldn’t skip these. So, having audience has it good sides as well. But, it also limits. Sometimes people have these “What if..” -thoughts. What if try to mix this and this spices with these vegetables. It sounds crazy, but who will stop me. These kinds of things you don’t want try if you have audience, beign scared that they fail big time. As they easily might. But, sometimes these leads to new innovations and success.

I remember hearing, that if you start doing you favorite hobby as a job, you will get a job but lose your hobby. Also, there is so many experiments that rewards are bad for results. People who are given money/rewards, even very big rewards, for doing simple activities, tend to do them worse/slower than people who are asked to do them for free. As you have been promised a rewards, you do it because of getting that reward. If you do it for free, you do it for yourself, and it seems, that when you do things for yourself, you do them better. Reward here could be compliments from other people.. but I’m not really sure does that apply. Positive feedback surely courage and builds up self esteem and leads to better results. Although, I feel it would hurt someones cooking skills if person cooks just for getting compliments and good reviews.

Oh.. and one more point about cooking for myself.. I’m not very picky about my food, so my it is easy to please my audience 🙂 That is why I will never be professional cook, but that is not where I’m aiming for. I don’t have taste buds for different kinds of nuances of spices and all that I expect great cooks to have. But I see this as a positive thing. If I would have all that skill, I would only appreciate the best kinds of dishes and I would have to eat in fancy restaurants and buy all the best ingredients. But not having all that skill I can enjoy almost any kind of food served anywhere. So, which one of these two paths makes me more happy?

But all that said… As things hardly ever have only one side, I could also come up with so many good reasons to share food with others as people have done thousands of years already. But that is a subject of a another blog post.. 🙂

OK, enough of that jibberjabber and lets move to today’s dish: paneer steaks. This dish is not one of those super innovations I was talking about, but it was a decent enough dish. This is one of those dishes where you look to your fridge, select whatever you can find and bring those items to kitchen and decide what you are goind to do with them. My plan was to make small cubes from the paneer, but after I had sliced it to five pieces, I thought why not try to make steaks out of them. And that is what I did.

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