Before this visit to India, I always there is one fruit called mango and that’s it. You now the one, little bigger than your fist, green-yellowish, hard and unripe you can find from your supermarkets fruit section. Like there is one kind of banana also. Well OK, two kinds of bananas, one yellow and one green for cooking, which you hardly see in any supermarket and when you see you don’t buy because you don’t know what to do with it. But back to mangoes, it seems that there are hundreds or varieties and sizes change from the lime-size to big watermelon size. (To my surprise, there is also different sizes and varieties or watermelons as well!). And not only that, there is different ways of eating also. You can cut open and eat it as it is, you can eat it with rice and curd, or my favorite which I just recently learned. You take something called juice mango, wash it, mush it between your palms and the bite a hole on top of it. Then you drink it! After drinking the juice you can suck the rest of the pulp out of it as well. So fun way of eating mango! And of course you can eat it with masala powder, like they serve it on roadside, make pickles and chutneys out of it etc. Definitely my favorite fruit!


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