Couple of weeks ago I bought some big mangoes, as they were cheap. As usual, they were raw. So, I decided I try to ripen them. The idea is that they should be kept in dark and also air should flow freely. If you keep them on a surface, let’s say on table, they might go dark from that spot touching the surface and rot. What I did was fill a wooden bowl with newspaper and paper (white paper on the top, so that newspapers ink doesn’t affect the taste of mangoes). Dry grass and even bigger bowl or better yet, basket, would be optimal, but I didn’t have those available now, so I experimented with these. After two weeks I ate two of mangoes and they were delicious! The experiment was a success and I start to use same kind of apparatus in the future as well, and to all my fruits, not just mangoes.

Ps. if you are as useless as I was what came to cutting mangoes, check the pictures below. This is one way of doing it.


Keep your mangoes in dark


Cut mango in to three pieces (the one in left is holding the seed)
Cut something like this
Cut the peels. How I wish I had ice-cream with this 🙂

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