I can’t keep out of the woods as long as I know there are mushrooms waiting for me there. So, again my fridge is full of mushrooms and I have to come up with ideas how to get rid of them. Earlier today I got idea of making some hamburgers today, probably from tofu. Then rain stopped and sun started shining, so I decided to go pick some mushrooms again. Once I was coming back I remembered one cool looking recipe about mushrooms balls (thanks Elina for the tip!). So, I summed all together and did some mushroom cutlets and used them to build homemade hamburgers, spiced up with Mango-naga sauce.

Mushroom Hamburgers
  • Mushroom cutlets
  • Two hamburger puns
  • some lettuce
  • tomato, sliced
  • slices of pickles
  • Mango-Naga sauce
  1. Figure it out 🙂



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