I’m bored of cooking. I still like good food, but I’m not interested to spend so much time to make it anymore. I have other interest in my life now. Who knows, after a while I’ll find my recipe books and blogs on Internet and start trying new recipes again. My mind is always like this, find something, get bored and find something new 🙂

OK, anyway, inspired about this blog posting http://fifi.voima.fi/blogikirjoitus/2012/elokuu/suuseksia-muuta-naposteltavaa (sorry, in Finnish only), some discussions with my friends and one old article in Tiede-magazine, I have keep thinking of simple dishes that would still give most of what you need for living. You know, something simple, easy, but still nutritious. If tasty also, I wouldn’t mind. There are some readymade meals, filled with preservatives, some tastier than others, some with more nutrition than others and some more expensive than others. Maybe some of them are good,  I don’t know, maybe I’ll check some day. But anyway I don’t want to start eating frozen pizza every day..

Here are recipes of two very simple dishes, but still ok in taste: Bean-Tomato Sauce and  Mushroom-Lentils Soup. Good thing about these are that you have to do hardly anything. Especially the second one is designed so, that minimum effort is needed. This is very ideal for lazy persons like me, who have better things to do than spend their time in kitchen 🙂 I was actually surprised how tasty this was. I thought this is good dish for two days, but it lasted something like two hours..

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