Greetings from Jyväskylä. My friends got a great idea to make some kimchi, and of course I was happy to join this even without knowing what is kimchi. But if it is food related and vegetarian or vegan, I’m in 🙂 And after a little bit googling, we decided that of course we have to do bo ssäm also, as it seems that bo ssäm is traditionally ate on the same day that kimchi is prepared. We prepared our bossäm from seitan. On Sunday, we ate mini pizzas, which are my new favorite kind of pizzas. I can’t believe that no-one has told me before, that they taste so much better than the big ones that are covering the whole oven tray. Small pizzas cook so much more evenly. Here is some pics for now, links and recipes will maybe follow some day, maybe not.






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