Part of this months vegan challenge, at least for me, is to add some exercise to weekly schedule as well. So far, after one week, I have successfully swam every day before going to work. Swimming in the morning is great, and I can start the day by going to sauna, what could be better? Anyway, breakfast is one problem. When I wake up, I’m not hungry and I don’t have time, but after swimming, I’m super hungry. Lazy as I am, I want to sleep as long as possible before I really need to get up. Now I figured out a decent solution, which allows me to sleep as long as I can in the morning without needing to get up to prepare some breakfast…

Easy Snacks
  • Whatever dried fruits and nuts you like. Here is what I used: raisins, nuts, dried banana, dried apples
  1. Mix everything and pack in ½ l plastic packs.


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