It has been a while since last update. As some of you might have figured out, there have been some changes made. A bit more about that in here (and advertisement of my new blog, which will get some content soon, I hope). In short: Latenitechai has moved from blogger to my own site. And finally I have transferred all my old posts to the new site. And while doing that and going through all the posts and photos, I thought would it be nice to make a video out of all that stuff. So here it is, four year of cooking in 2 minutes and 21 seconds:

From time to time I have lost my interest in cooking, and especially blogging, but I have always came back and re-found that original enthusiasm. Or maybe enthusiasm is a wrong word. In the beginning I was enthusiastic, now it has grown to something else. Same thing goes with anything in life I guess. In the beginning I was happy that I could cook anything that tasted half decent, excited finding the simplest tastes and preparing the simplest dishes (like squeezing orange juice out of oranges and preparing a sandwich) and of course shared that all. Nowadays I have developed a screening process, and not all recipes end up in the blog anymore, only those which have earned their place in it. While going through old posts, I also spotted different themes in my cooking from time to time. In the beginning there was Indian food phase (naturally), after that there was a phase of very basic European dishes, mushroom seasons are very easy to spot from posts also, as well as vegan months and at some point I was interested in preparing vegan versions of traditional dishes I had ate as a child.

What’s next? I don’t have any strict plans, lets see what happens and read about it later. One thing I’m hoping to see in future is maturing process. There are recipes that I keep coming back, improving them little by little over time according to my own taste. And in some cases I mix two or three previous recipes to create a new one. I would like to concentrate on these small changes and variations. Then some day, after changing the original recipes so much that they doesn’t resemble the original anymore, I could call them my own. Or maybe start from empty table and create something completely new. Maybe the day will come that most of the content of this blog are my own recipes, maybe not, it doesn’t matter so much. The important thing is to enjoy cooking and to enjoy finding new exiting combination of tastes and share that to others too. Preparing a meal has meditative elements, you will forget worries and stress after a workday when you start cooking, a tasty meal shared with friends brings people together and creates common happiness, and you always have to eat, so why not eating something that you like? In short: you don’t have to be a great creative chef (as seen on TV) to enjoy cooking!

OK, I got little distracted there… Anyway, even though future of latenitechai is hazy, and I don’t know when the next post will be, after a week or after a year, one thing is for sure: I will keep this blog vegan from now on!

PS. There are bunch of new recipes, which are published (only) on the new site today. Check them out!

Russian Pickles

Vegan Aubergine Herring

Creamy Cabbage Curry

Potato Salad

Danish Broccoli Salad


Baba Ganoush

Green Cabbage Salad

Sweet Potato-Chickpea Salad

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