Today is time for another latenitechai experiment: Vegan Sausage Experiment!

Idea is to try to find perfect home-made vegan sausage recipe. Three different recipes and two different cooking methods were compared in order to find best texture, the taste will be improved later. All recipes used the same base (check out previous post about sausages). First recipe was same as original recipe, but kidney beans have been replaced with big white beans. On second recipe something new was tried: using xanthan gum and gram flour instead of wheat gluten flour. Sausages made with third recipe are suitable for gluten free diet as well, if you are into that. I have never tried xanthan gum before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Third recipe was again variation of original recipe, but now beans had been replaced with gram flour. In preparation method A the sausages were steamed for 40 minutes, and in preparation method B sausages were baked in the oven, 30 minutes at 200 C.

Finally texture of six different sausages were evaluated by the jury of two people and one small-sized dog and chief inspector supervised the whole process. Sausages were tasted with three different sauces: cheap ketchup, moonshine mustard (pontikkasinappi in Finnish) and worcestershire sauce. As a bonus, worcestershire sauce’s taste was also evaluated. Read more about results at the bottom of this page.

Some notes:

  • In each recipe, a bit of flour were added when kneading the dough, until consistency was firm enough. In second recipe needed the most flour: 1 dl of gram and also extra 1 tsp of xanthan gum.
  • Bamboo mat was great tool when molding sausages into their form. First wrap sausage with foil, then roll it inside bamboo mat and press hard.
  • Big white beans seemed to be working better than kidney beans. Bean skins could be removed by picking them by hand while kneading the dough.


2,5 dl vegetable broth

1 tbsp oil

1 tbsp worcestershire sauce

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1-2 pickled chilies, chopped to small

1 tsp smoked paprika powder

1 tbsp marjoram

1 tbsp tomato puree

0,5 dl nutritional yeast flakes

First recipe:

3 dl wheat gluten flour

can of big white beans (~200g), mashed

Second recipe:

~4dl gram flour

1 1/3 tbsp xanthan gum

Third recipe:

3 dl wheat gluten flour

1 dl gram flour



Jury picked the first recipe and baking method as a clear winner. Sausages prepared with it had nice, a bit crispy casing, and chewy inside. The same recipe prepared by steaming came as a second, but the casing wasn’t as good as with baked ones. Third recipe, prepared with baking, came as third: It had nice firm texture, but not chewy enough. From cooking methods baking seemed better choice than steaming when cooking sausages, it gave more clear contrast between casing and inside. Xantham gum sausages came in last place in this experiment, texture was too mushy. A decision of not trying to prepare xantham gum sausages was made.

Our jury’s third members opinion seemed to be that if you are a dog, it doesn’t matter which recipe and which method were used, it’s all good!

Worcestershire sauce also got good review: “nice and spicy, but a bit too sweet”.

Where to go from here? The texture is now at acceptable level, so next thing is to start adjusting the taste. The jury agreed that the sausages needed more spice: adding more chilies and smoked paprika or liquid smoke could be a good place to start.

First recipe – steaming method: Chewy (which was a good thing), some casing.

First recipe – baking method: A bit more crispy from outside than with steamed ones, chewy from inside.

Second recipe – steaming method: Not chewy, a bit soft and mushy texture, doesn’t have clear casing.

Second recipe – baking method: Outside got hard and dry after a while when taken from the oven. Same as with steaming: not chewy, soft and mushy from inside.

Third recipe – steaming method: A bit more dry, more firm, but not as chewy as the first one.

Third recipe – baking method: A bit of casing, but not as clear as the first ones had. More firm but not as chewy as the first ones.

Three different recipes were tested
This is a good phase to remove bean skins
Space sausages!
Method A: Steaming
Chief inspector Pekka
Method B: baking
Steamed sausages
Baked sausages
Jury member is very focused on his evaluation job


1B is clear winner!


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